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About silver fox elite fitness founder

Meet Djenaba Gregory-Faal

Certified fitness trainer Djenaba Gregory-Faal founded Silver Fox Elite Fitness company after transforming a life of obesity and certain early death to one of healthy, active living in spite of being in her mid-50’s.  Djenaba has worked to achieve personal fitness transformation through a combination of mindful eating and regular exercise, but the cost of regular personal trainer sessions made working with them occasional, even though it was evident trainers helped improve the progress toward her personal fitness goals.  

Djenaba Gregory-Faal

A combined desire to share her love of working out and sustained health among a collective of friends in her age group led Djenaba to launch Silver Fox Elite Fitness with a mission to remove access barriers to high-quality fitness options for active seniors. Djenaba brings experience as an educational consultant, proposal writer, and business owner. She also has extensive experience as a dance teacher and practitioner of Reiki practitioner, yoga and tai chi. Djenaba is currently a Certified ISSA International Sport Sciences Association Certified Fitness Trainer and Transformation Specialist. She is also a member of the NIKE Walking Club, Delou Dance Ensemble, AARP, and Planet Fitness. In order to meet her goals for Senior clients, Djenaba has built an extensive network of community collaborators including insurance companies, community advisory councils, and agencies serving South Florida Seniors. Silver Fox Elite Fitness was recently recognized by the Community Partners of South Florida and Healthier Neighbors for innovative mobile and virtual fitness options that make high-quality fitness engagement available to active seniors in under resourced neighborhoods.


The research is clear.

  • The US population is living longer yet Senior Citizens are more likely to be plagued with limiting health factors contributed to inactivity and poor nutritional choices. (US Surgeon General, 2019)
  • “Senior Fitness Gap” is created as Seniors avoid addressing health needs due lack of access to; money, fitness professionals, and engaging culturally relevant activities. (Gregory-Faal, K.D 2020)
  • More than 70% of African American Seniors adults do not engage in the recommended amount of physical activity and both inactivity and poor diet cause at least 300,000 deaths a year in the United States. (Hatfield, H.C. PhD, 2019).
  • The COVID-19 mortality rate for African Americans is more than twice the rate for Whites, Asians and Latinos, mostly due to preventable diseases (APM Research, May 27, 2020).



It is the mission of Silver Fox Elite Fitness (Silver Fox) to remove barriers of access to fitness options for adults ages 55 and over. 


It is the vision of Silver Fox to carve a culturally relevant place in the fitness industry for all regardless of heritage, age or socio-economic condition.


Silver Fox Elite Fitness is prepared to bridge the “Senior Fitness Gap”!

By leveraging community multiple public-private partnerships, Silver Fox Elite Fitness is using the power of collective impact and expanding access to fitness options for Seniors throughout the country.

Djenaba “The Foxifyer” and the Silver Fox Team use culturally relevant programs to guide active elders toward weight loss, strength, vitality and longevity. 


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